Accelerated Choice

The story of modern employment is a story of accelerated choice. The first world today has business-friendly rules, 90+% internet penetration, and decades of foundational infrastructure (namely physical, financial, and educational). The barrier to entry has been erased and we are free to learn and work on anything we wish. Nearly all types of skills (outside of hard sciences being performed for the first time) have years of reference material, operation costs are low (and dropping), location is a non-factor, and ones actual work and morals are what drive decisions - not legacy connections.

In other words, there are no more excuses. You can do anything you want.

Don't have the skills for higher paying opportunities? The cost of learning how to make/edit videos, design websites, write code, analyze data, sell/market a product, or [enter any in-demand skill] is the cost of internet access (or the cost of traveling to the library). Tutorials, employment opportunities, and connections to people who are already in these roles are readily available. You have no excuse.

Want to start an online service? The cost of starting a website/newsletter for your initial 1000 fans is the cost of internet access (or the cost of traveling to the library). While building up your tribe, you can communicate, accept money, and spread the word all for free using the 100s of popular and niche social tools established over the last 10 years. You have no excuse.

Have no money and want to start an event or business? The cost of getting a loan or collectively asking for money via Kickstarter, Indiegogo, GoFundMe, or one of the 100s of popular micro loaning services is the cost of internet access (or the cost of traveling to the library). You have no excuse.

Our ability to choose what we want to do with our time has never been greater - and it's growing!

So in a world of unlimited choice, how do we choose what to do with our time?

There are two lenses to look through:

1. Know thyself - We are all capable of making an impact - but it is more a matter of identifying how one is best suited to do so. Some prefer working with their hands. Some prefer working behind a desk. Some prefer public speaking. Some prefer creative writing. These preferences can change with time but reflecting, acknowledging, and admitting to ones natural/personal preferences is critical to choosing how one can most effectively make an impact.

2. Know thy environment - Modern employment is a streamlined system of altruism - I have to make something you want and you have make something I want. You can choose to get into any field you want but you must contribute to society (you can not only make something for yourself - aka egoism). The goal is to capture a portion of a known field you are naturally/personally inclined to capture. Opportunities worth pursuing change over time but if you observe your friends and your own actions and learn about the systems making up your lives, you will be well positioned to find your place to thrive.

Simply put, in order to thrive you need to *engage* in life. Only through engagement can you learn about the realities of life (our abilities and our surroundings) and apply those learnings to solve current problems and create the future.