Day Over Day

What separates startups in SF from every other place is the day over day progress of the teams. This is certainly possible to replicate elsewhere - but it takes an acknowledgment that a gap exists. Below are some indicators of good daily progress.

- You stand up - each member clearly communicates their tasks for the day.

- You recognize the thing that is currently the bottleneck and fix it.

- You complete at least one significant task per day (per member).

- You never talk about competition - you find unique insights into your customers.

- You build / make relationships to learn - you do not wait to learn.

- You do not brainstorm ideas - you solve known problems.

- You reiterate the incentives of the current team goal.

- You give customers something new to enjoy.

- You show off the day's work.

- You document progress.

- You take time off at night to prepare for tomorrow.

- You take time on Friday's to reflect on KPIs and prepare for next week.