Empowering SMBs

One of the most important shifts in software is the shift to consumer-centric UXs for SMBs (i.e. enterprise software). Individuals now have the leverage of established businesses, and the desire for self-service enterprise software seems to have no end in sight. The more business-need specific, high-quality services we can offload for people, the more we can free them up to do what they do best.


1. Self-service as a default is the future. Independent workers, entrepreneurs, and employees at companies want to test-drive software before they buy. This is such a norm in consumer software you can not get away with any other model - and enterprise software is next. The fastest growing enterprise companies of today and tomorrow are more consumer-centric, e.g. lower per-seat pricing, single-use applications, network effects, open APIs, and playful/fun/time-saving UXs.

2. Empowering individuals with the same tools as established enterprises creates more decentralization. This is a great for entrepreneurs and incredible for consumers. The more opportunity for high-quality, low-cost solutions per market, the more businesses are kept in check and market demands are meet effectively. The individual has never been so leveraged to offer business and as long an unnecessary regulation is kept at bay, this trend will soon influence every market.

3. Businesses need better tools for their business applications to talk to one another. With the mass-adoption of business-need specific services, individuals will need better tools to combine datasets. We're moving to a world where all repetitive, non-value proposition tasks are offloaded. This is great but leaves a smaller number of people managing a larger amount of data and processes. There are a number of ways I can imagine this being solved, namely, a platform for integrating APIs with one another.

4. Lots to do here.