You are your experiences. As experience is a fundamental truth in the development of human knowledge, values, and reality.

Humans have an inherent desire to experience life. We desire to survive and we are the most evolved to defend our lives when necessary. While levels of aptitude vary, our initial desire to live remains a constant as we seek out knowledge and gain experiences. We are infinitely interested in ways to survive, therefore our interests initially hold no bounds. It is only after our experiences that we begin to form our own rules. These rules are ideals we weigh, consciously and subconsciously, to form our interests, values, and skills. Individually, we define our lives by choosing to use (or not use) pieces of the knowledge and values we identify with most at the moment.

The books we read, the people we meet, the images we see, the songs we hear, the environment we breathe/touch/smell/see. These daily experiences, the majority of which we choose to experience, shape our understanding of life.

The most exciting aspect is what we do not know. Currently, we know very little about how experiences shape our lives quantitatively but this can be solved. One day we will each have non-obtrusive sensors log every one of our experiences with zero input required. People will know exactly what they saw/breathed/felt/smelled/heard at any moment of their lives and this will lead to an even greater understanding of how one is experiencing life. When every interaction is available for reference, we can make models to understand in detail which experiences provide a greater impact than others at the moment. Better assisting us to live the life we desire to live.