The Human Element

In tech, there seem to be these milestone years where certain things are introduced that change the entire industry. Previously it was Macintosh in 1984 with the personal computer, then GUI, Windows, the internet and the browser which all became popular in 1995, and then Google in 2000 indexing the web.

We are currently in a phase where you may as well ignore everything that happened before 2007. Because 2007 was the year when technology began with the human element.

2007 marked the year of the iPhone, Twitter and the Facebook API. And just like the prior milestones, these three inventions completely reshaped how we use and think about technology today.

With these three inventions, each of us now has a global communication device in our pocket completely tailored to us. Your notes, your contacts, your apps. Making the user, the human element, the forefront of the product. Technology has never been so approachable. And with the cost of devices and connectivity low (and decreasing) more and more people have choices.

Products today are simple to use and have the human element at their core.

iPhone: amazing & approachable OS software.

Instagram: simple photo-beautification and sharing.

Dropbox: simple file management and sharing.

Twitter: a simple social information network.

Letterpress: a simple social word game.

Medium: a simple social publishing platform.

These products are the best possible way of doing what they do. For now.