Leveling Up

This is a collection of content on the important aspects of startups. After living in San Francisco and working in venture-backed startups for the last five years, I found the ideas expressed below repeatedly proven true in practice and informing my actions since. If you are interested in starting a startup or working for a startup, I highly recommend listening (and/or re-listening) to these experts as a baseline to validating your own hypotheses and leveling up.

1. Jessica Livingston: How Not To Fail

2. Mike Maples Jr: Dare to Do Legendary Things

3. Peter Reinhardt: How To Find Product Market Fit

4. Marc Andreessen interview with Tim Ferriss

5. Michael Seibel interview with William Channer

6. Kirsty Nathoo: Startup Mechanics

7. Chris Dixon interview with Shane Parrish

8. Avni Patel Thompson: Solving a Problem

9. Peter Thiel: Competition is for Losers

10. Paul Graham: Before the Startup


•  Paul Graham at Py Con

•  Tracy Young & Doug Leone: Solve Problems You Have

•  Justin Kan: Shitty First Startups

•  Paul Graham interview with Jason Calacanis

•  Peter Thiel interview with Jason Calacanis

•  Elon Musk interview with Sarah Lacey

•  Naval Ravikant interview with Shane Parrish

•  Aileen Lee interview with Kara Swisher

•  Rick Marini interview with Tyler Willis

•  Jason Calacanis: PreMoney Conference

•  Danielle Morrill interview with Tim Anglade

•  Chris Sacca interview with Tim Ferriss

•  Ev Williams: XOXO Festival

Not Enough?

•  The YC "How to Start A Startup" Series

•  All of Paul Graham's Essays