After you talk to your potential customer(s) and know what they want, it's time to figure out an incentive structure for them. As user retention becomes the ever-increasingly important metric for startups, crafting the proper incentives to tie-in your visitors is key. Here are the some questions posed to get you thinking about the best possible on-boarding experience for your new product.

Sign Ups vs Guest Users:

- What do you truly need your customer to do? Is there one key action you're looking for?

- Can you present the data to them right away? Can you lure in skeptics on the landing page? Your app/service isn't for the whole world, yet!

- If you need your customer to sign up, why? Getting someone to sign up through an action creates more of a tie in. Is this a possibility? What information will bring back the customer after their first visit?

Tools vs Networks:

- Who is your first customer and how are you helping them?

- Is there benefit for that customer with no one else involved? Community sites are incredibly hard to grow. Can you make that first customer's life better immediately in some way?

- What action will bring your customer(s) pleasure? Is it making solely their lives better? Is it meant to make them look better in front of friends/colleagues?

Public vs Private:

- How will the product grow? Making an application public does not mean it will grow organically.

- Can your app/service benefit from scarcity? Is there a way to create scarcity in your product?

- What type of environment will customers enjoy most? The goal is to woo potential customers, not piss them off.

In the end, you know who your customers are more than anyone else. But if you're unsure how to answer any of these questions, just ask your customers! They will tell you :)