Software & Music

Music is ubiquitous. Software is on its way.

I find an ever-increasing correlation between software and music / any art. Below are some answers to common questions I have been asked during office hours related to fundamentals in tech - with music in mind.

Q: How do you start a software company (or music group)?

A: You have something to say. You have a point of view on the world and you want to try things and push things forward.

Q: How do you learn to make software (or make music)?

A: Trial and error. You surround yourself with people who are better than you, ask them questions, and say thank you.

Q: How do you make software (or make music)?

A: It is a process. Probably about 70% learning and 30% doing. The tiny wins are what keep you excited so do *something*.

Q: How do you come up with ideas for apps (or songs)?

A: Typically, someone will have a very specific idea. Then the idea is shared with collaborators who form their own associates with it. And you build from there.

Q: What are you trying to do with the software you make (or the music you make)?

A: Basically, push our own boundaries and never repeat ourselves.

Q: How do you know what to make?

A: Mostly, we try to make new things that we want for ourselves. And since we think we are not dissimilar to our generation, maybe they will like it too.

Q: What is the next big thing in software (or in music)?

A: It is hard to say what gets lots of people excited. We want to make things our generation likes but I am not sure the next big thing is predictable. Instead, just do what you think is new and interesting. You will find out whether your project is worth spending more time on very quickly - after you try explaining it to friends and family.